In the fast-evolving landscape of digital business, optimizing your technology is not just a choice but a necessity. You’ve diligently completed a digital deep clean, ensuring all your systems are updated – but what’s the next strategic move? The answer lies in robust digital organization, and that’s precisely where Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play a pivotal role.

MSPs go beyond routine services, extending their expertise to network, application, infrastructure, and, crucially, cybersecurity. As the global managed services market hit $152 billion USD in 2020 (Statista) and is projected to grow to $274 billion by 2026, the demand for MSP services is evident, offering a multitude of benefits to businesses.

Discover four key ways MSPs, with a focus on cybersecurity, can significantly enhance your business tech:

1. Fortified Data Storage and Management
The foundation of any successful business begins with impeccable digital organization. Hardware or system failure is identified by 31% of IT professionals as a leading cause of data loss. Protect your business from becoming a statistic with MSP services that encompass analyzing current data, setting up secure servers and databases, and recommending safe data disposal practices.

2. Strategic Integration of Cloud and Software Services
With nearly 50% of corporate data residing in cloud services, cybersecurity becomes paramount. MSPs implement scalable and budget-friendly solutions to enhance performance. This includes the integration of communication software, cloud project management tools, and task management software, all fortified with robust cybersecurity measures for enhanced protection.

3. Holistic Security Management for Your Business
In an era where cybercrimes are on the rise, cybersecurity is non-negotiable. Cyberattacks have become the biggest concern globally in 2022, with an alarming average of 30,000 websites attacked daily. MSPs specialize in comprehensive security measures, reviewing and updating security strategies, enhancing password management policies, and securing client and customer data with advanced measures like firewalls, remote access VPNs, and email security.

4. Strategic IT Consulting with a Focus on Cyber Resilience
While a digital deep clean is an excellent start, the ever-evolving tech landscape requires ongoing management. An expert IT consultant not only ensures digital organization but also provides guidance on bolstering cybersecurity. From assessing your needs to deploying solutions and training employees, an IT consultant is your partner in navigating the intricate world of technology securely.

Digital organization is the backbone of success, but cybersecurity is the guardian of that success. Ensure your business technology is not only updated but fortified against evolving threats with our MSP services. We offer valuable insights and services to enhance your technological efficiency while prioritizing cybersecurity.

Ready to fortify your business against cyber threats? Schedule your complimentary business technology and cybersecurity assessment now! At Celeris Networks, our team is dedicated to ensuring your digital journey is not just efficient but also secure.