3 Keys to Successful Project Management 

Stack the Odds in Your Favor with the Right Technology 

Celeris Networks, Knoxville, TN’s leader in IT solutions, specializes in proven tech services and solutions that support successful project management. Keep reading to learn more about the tools helping projects get to the finish line on time, on budget and on the mark.  

Project management is a risky business necessity. To compete, businesses of all sizes and industries must evolve to find better ways to meet changing demands. But a large number of even the most well-planned projects fail — coming in late, over budget and off-target. So how do you stack the odds in your favor to ensure the next business-critical project is a success? 

  1. The Cloud 

There’s a reason cloud computing services are on the rise. The cloud offers flexibility, scalability, security, storage and more — at a low monthly fee and without costly hardware expenses.  

Here are some big cloud benefits that lead to successful project management: 

Anytime, anywhere productivity. Modern project management demands flexibility. Staff needs to be able to access project timelines, tasks and documents on their schedule. With cloud-managed services, your tools and technologies are always available from just about any internet-ready device. 

Communication and collaboration. Cloud-based applications, like Microsoft 365, keep global teams connected to the project and to each other, no matter where they call home. Team members work effectively, staying on the same page through instant text messaging and sharing real-time document updates via video conferencing.  

360-degree visibility. Any veteran project manager understands the importance of on-demand, accurate project visibility. Cloud-based project tools allow all team members anytime, anywhere access for real-time updates. And project managers and key stakeholders can get instant, end-to-end visibility into critical project timelines and completion percentages. 

  1. Project Management Software

Successful project management requires project management software. You can choose from a variety of applications for just about every budget and any size project. More sophisticated options will offer configuration opportunities, time-tracking tools, budget and invoicing features, and enhanced automation. 

Project management application features vary, but most can help you: 

Stay on track. Project management software can help you identify issues and bottlenecks before they become major stumbling blocks. Features include the ability to schedule tasks, track financial status, view overall project completion percentages and more. 

Keep stakeholders up to date. Real-time updates and user-friendly reporting allow for instant, accurate visibility. Pre-defined permissions let you determine who can see what.  

Increase efficiencies. Gone are the days of paper, pens and highlighters. Project management applications can simplify complex tasks and save time through automation. Once you build out a schedule, the system can automatically update associated milestones based on pre-defined settings. 

  1. Enhanced Security  

Today’s teams are rarely physically together on site. Project members can be spread across a city or scattered around the globe. Thanks to technology, regardless of location, individuals successfully collaborate and see complex projects through to completion. But, every digital interaction is another data breach opportunity.  

Enhanced security features can protect your data through: 

Endpoint management. This advanced security service monitors any and all devices attempting to connect to your network — even the BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) now commonly used by project members. Endpoint management software can ensure only the right devices gain access. 

Two-factor authentication or 2FA. This security method requires two or more independent verification methods to authenticate a user before allowing access to data and applications. 

Cybersecurity training. Most data breaches are caused by human error. This happens when unsuspecting team members click on the wrong link or offer up sensitive information. Cybersecurity training helps team members recognize threats and know what to do when they encounter a potential hazard. 

Celeris Networks in Knoxville, TN provides personalized IT solutions for successful project management. Ask about cloud-managed services, project management software and enhanced security capabilities to ensure the success of your next undertaking. Reach out today.