Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Protect Your Data from All Sides

Your data is your most valuable asset. You should be able to securely access it whenever and wherever you need it. Unfortunately, significant threats work their way in between you and your data, and the very survival of your company is put in jeopardy. With bad actors looking to profit off of your success and unpredictable disasters looming, you must prepare for the inevitable.

Don’t go without the backup and disaster recovery solutions you need. The team at Celeris Networks is here to help you get your data backed up on a secure and redundant server that cannot be overwritten. This way, even if you fall victim to a power surge, building fire, ransomware attack or other data loss event, we can get you back up and running in no time.

We’re proud to back up your data on Asigra servers. Asigra is a leading software solution that has passed the stringent FIPS 140-2 certification – the U.S. government computer security standard used to approve cryptographic modules. We keep three copies of your data: one locally, one in a tier-four data center and another replicated to the cloud or secure, off-site location.

Celeris Networks will design your backup and disaster recovery solutions to work with your existing set-up, from the backup of emails or Microsoft Office files, to the technical files that are critical to your operations. Our process involves:


Solutions Design


Initial File Backup


Backup File Upload


Changes Uploaded Over WAN

Data Backups Done Better

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