If you think your business is too small or insignificant to be a target, think again. Small to medium sized businesses are actually even more attractive to attackers, simply because they don’t have adequate protection.

The good news is that you do not need to be an expert in security technology to maintain your systems and protect your data. With data storage in the cloud with backup redundancies and cybersecurity software such as Webroot, you can prevent an attack. But, why should you care?

The Implications of a Successful Security Breach

  • Loss of important data, such as client records
  • Exposure of proprietary business practices to your competitors
  • Interruptions in work and service offerings
  • Loss of trust with your business partners and clients

How does a Cybersecurity Provider Protect You?

If you don’t already have a managed IT service provider, you may want to consider it, or at the very least employ the services of a cybersecurity professional. By doing this, you’re making it more difficult for someone to exploit your weaknesses. This is done not only using endpoint security, but also by executing proper security training and protocols with your team. A well-meaning employee who clicks on a questionable link or downloads a questionable application can wreak havoc. In fact, most phishing attacks are a result of an intentional software installation.

Cybersecurity professionals can provide the following tools to prevent a breach:

  • Implement software solutions that can report on, identify and prevent attacks
  • Implement security protocols that can prevent unintentional downloads
  • Train staff on using passwords and other security measures
  • Maintain software and implement security patches to keep systems up to date

A cybersecurity provider can help any sized business

With Celeris Networks, managed IT services, cybersecurity is built-in to the framework of your IT support. That’s in addition to the maintenance of hardware and software systems that keeps your business running smoothly every day.

Contact Celeris in the Atlanta and Knoxville areas for information on how you can maximize productivity, protect your business and employ technology to grow.