Network Solutions and IT Support for Maximum Productivity

Your business productivity depends on a lot of factors, including the stability of your network and ​ongoing support​. Having the infrastructure in place to operate efficiently can provide a stable platform for your team to excel. But you also need to think not just of today, but of tomorrow. Do you have ability to grow quickly and adapt without slowing the pace of business?

Expert Network Design Consulting for Growing Businesses

A proper design for your local and wide area networks is crucial to ensuring that your business applications perform as they were designed. Celeris Networks engineers are certified and have years of experience in network design with both small and mid-size businesses and enterprise-level customers. We can design a network services solution that makes sense both technically and financially.

Local Area Networks

A Local Area Network (LAN) typically refers to your computers and equipment that share a communications link to a server within your office. Your LAN allows your team to share equipment, such as printers, file servers, email and more. All of the tools in your office that are connected to this network can be managed centrally, making it easier to maintain and control your internal functions.

We can design your LAN so that will meet your current needs and allow for future growth based on your goals and budget. We can help you decide where wireless may be the best solution and where you need to use copper or fiber.

Wide Area Networks

A Wide Area Network (WAN) connects multiple local area networks (LAN) over a large geographical area. WANs can be used to connect offices in different cities or countries. A WAN allows you to keep centralized data, share resources (such as software), and reduce the need for travel between offices.

Whether you simply need to connect to the internet, or have multiple branch offices that need to be seamlessly connected we can recommend and implement technologies such as VPN (virtual private network), MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) or SD-WAN (software-defined Wide-Area Networking) that meet your needs for security and speed.

Wireless Network Solutions

A wireless solution can offer connectivity that is convenient and accessible to many businesses. Celeris Networks has extensive experience designing wireless solutions that provide a high level of security and provide features such as secure guest access.

Remote Network Access and Solutions

Today’s businesses need to offer flexibility to team-members to work remotely, or access important resources while travelling. We provide a variety of solutions for remote access to networks that is convenient and secure.

Well-Designed Networks Can Give Your Security, Speed and the Ability to Scale Quickly. Schedule a Consultation

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