Technology-Supported Consulting Services

The success of our technology consulting services rests on our knowledge and understanding of the best tools available today. Our IT support specialists are technology experts who are naturally curious and are always looking for new integrations that offer better security and business support. We look to next-generation solutions and depend on cloud-based platforms to help businesses grow and to keep your information safe and intact.

Top Tech Picks for Business Technology Consulting

Our team hand-picks technology solutions that offer the highest efficacy, lowest cost, and easiest use. Here are our top picks and why we choose them.

Technology for SMB Growth

Many small to medium-sized businesses use Microsoft office desktop apps to carry out daily operations. Other applications such as storage and communication tools are incorporated ad hoc with different departments developing their own piecemeal approach to IT. The result is inconsistencies and confusion. Downtime for updates, lost data and communication failures are common.

Celeris uses Office 365 as a comprehensive solution for small business. It contains always up-to-date apps that employees are comfortable using while offering so much more: AI-powered editing tools, email, conferencing, online storage, and a hub for teamwork. All of these apps are accessible from any device at any time.

Our managed IT team works to streamline and unify your IT for the most productivity and success. With Office 365 employees are better able to collaborate, share, and communicate using flexible tools accessible from any location.

Ironclad Cybersecurity Software Companies

Although the market is flooded with cyber network security platforms more than 70% of SMBs have suffered from cyberattacks. Most SMBs do not realize how vulnerable they are. Our computer security consultants are aware of the threats and recognize the best cyber security software companies. We combine technologies for optimum security across networks and multi-cloud environments.

Webroot is a top cybersecurity provider for businesses across the globe. It was a first to use machine learning and real-time threat detection and boasts more sensors and feedback loops than anyone on the market. It provides unparalleled threat protection for the user, the network, and the endpoint. We also like that it’s easy to use, lightweight, lightning fast and available to all devices.

Sonicwall firewalls are designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers high-performance network security across all devices. We are most impressed by its advanced features for perimeter protection that also includes SSL traffic inspection.

Our managed IT specialists design, deploy, and manage cybersecurity solutions using multiple platforms to meet your business and security objectives.

The Best Data Backup Software for SMBs

According to a recent study more than half of SMBs are not prepared for data loss. If it occurs, more than sixty percent will shut down within six months. Technology failure, environmental disaster, cloud outages, and innocent employee errors can put companies at risk.

Asigra safeguards business data with minimal operational overhead and infrastructure costs. It offers a fully modern backup solution that includes agentless cloud backup architecture, instant recovery, autonomic healing, and continuous protection. We like its highly intuitive dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of the health of your backups.

Your data is everywhere. Our managed IT services set up reliable and cost-effective data protection to meet the most stringent compliance and business obligations.

Managed IT Services for You

Celeris Networks is an IT solutions company. Our managed IT support specialists work hard to stay on top of technology trends to ensure so that your business doesn’t have to. Contact us today using the form below.

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