Corporate Data Backup and Recovery for Business Continuity Planning

The days of using tape for corporate data backup are over. New cloud-based data backup services provides better solutions for business continuity planning. This means, that in the event of a disaster, your data is secured in redundant off-site locations.

Your data needs to be protected from many different threats:

Hardware or System Failures​ – ​equipment failures due to power loss, surges or mechanical failure

Human Error​ – ​commonly caused by accidental deletion of data

Software Malfunction​ – ​improperly functioning software

Virus or Malware ​- ​failing to put proper security measures in place

Natural Disaster​ – ​fires, floods, and other uncontrollable causes

Malintent​ – disgruntled staff

Losing important data could be disastrous for your business. Learn how to ​reduce your risk and be sure to have adequate backup measures in place.

Celeris Networks relies on the stability of ​Asigra​, which was named the top enterprise cloud backup solutions app in the ​2015 TechTarget Quality awards.

Asigra cloud backup allows you to keep as many versions of your data as you choose, for as long as you choose. And, it’s secure: Asigra has passed the stringent FIPS 140-2 certification.

Options for Data Backup and Recovery

Using our preferred cloud backup technology, ​Asigra​, Celeris Networks will design a backup system that provides failsafe measures for your data to prevent losses that can cost your business. In addition, Asigra offers incredible flexibility with deployments, backup frequency, storage and encryption. It also allows you to locate and restore data easily. Multifactor authentication prevents ransomware or malicious users from deleting data.

Using Deduplication to Improve Backup Efficiency

With Celeris Network’s data backup solution, Asigra, you’ll have the most efficient backup process available. Using a technique known as deduplication, which is often called intelligent compression, Asigra eliminates redundant copies of data and reduces storage requirements and waste.

How We Work to Provide Data Backup and Recovery

Celeris Networks will design a system for backups that works with your existing workflow and needs, from backup of emails or Microsoft Office files, to the technical files that are critical to your operations.

Solutions Design

We will design a solution that works with your existing infrastructure, with our recommended Asigra software. This solution stores your data to a secure, off-site location.

Initial Backup File

The initial compressed, encrypted backup file is placed on removable media and transported to our data center.

Backup File Upload

Your encrypted files are uploaded to the cloud for safe, off-site storage

Changes Uploaded Over WAN

Only changes to the data are sent via WAN for backup, reducing bandwidth utilization and the backup time window.

Optional: One or more generations of data can be stored locally for the fastest possible restore.

Secure Your Data Now

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