Lock-in Your Data with Cyber Security Consulting Services

Poorly managed cyber security is a major risk for your business. A security breach can result in extended downtime, compliance and regulation issues, and it can seriously harm your businesses reputation.


Lock-in your data with our cyber security solutions: cloud data backup services, security awareness and training, managed security services and security consulting.

Cyber Security Breaches and Company Downtime

A security breach can cost your company thousands in lost revenue, as your team scrambles to service customers and maintain ‘business as usual’ in the face of failing infrastructure.

With proper measures in place, you can be assured you can maintain the productivity of your team without interruptions for your customers.

Data Compliance and Regulation

Do you know how to ensure that your data collection complies with government legislation? Companies that collect, store and use data need to know their responsibilities to avoid fines and worse.

Take the steps needed to be absolutely sure that you’re compliant.

Cyber Security Failures Can Harm Your Reputation

Having to report a security breach to valued clients, or failing to service them due to company downtime can put a serious dent in your company’s reputation. What’s more, it’s likely preventable.

Take steps to protect your good name and integrity by being proactive with your security.

Managed Cloud Backup for Data Security and Recovery

Celeris Networks relies on the effectiveness and integrity of managed cloud backup software, ​Asigra​. Asigra is a leading software solution that has passed the stringent FIPS 140-2 certification, the U.S. government computer security standard used to approve cryptographic modules.

With proper back-up measures in place 3 copies of data are kept, one locally, one in a tier 4 data center and another replicated to the cloud or secure, off-site locations.

Security Awareness Training

Don’t assume your team understands the implications of clicking a questionable link, or downloading files from the internet. Some statistics:



of phishing attacks that lead to a breach are followed by some sort of software installation


of network breaches are caused by “user error”


of malware is installed via malicious email attachments


of hacking-related breaches leverage either stolen or weak passwords

**Source: Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report

Education is key to mitigating your risks, so be sure your team knows how to protect your network integrity.

Managed IT Security Services and Consulting

Celeris offers ​managed IT services​ that provide numerous solutions and can include enhanced security for your company. With flat-rate managed it services, you’ll have fast response and support to quickly resume operations in any event that threatens your security.

Enhanced Security Services includes:

  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Anti-spam / Anti-malware / Anti-phishing Email Filtering
  • Security Awareness Training
  • SIEM (IDS / event monitoring and correlation)

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