The rule of 3 can apply to many things, but with corporate data backup, it refers to maintaining 3 current copies of your data in 3 separate locations. To do this, a first copy is kept locally on site. A secondary copy is uploaded to a primary off-site location (typically within the cloud). A third copy is then kept in a secondary off-site location.

This ensures that at any point, data is safe from an attack or equipment failure.

What Does Corporate Data Consist of?

You might think you have little of value to offer to a hacker, but think again. Important files can contain:

  • Client data – you must comply with security regulations to ensure it is safe
  • Proprietary data – information on how you run your business
  • Working data – files and software that can affect your businesses ability to run efficiently

What Can Lead to a Data Loss?

There are a variety of things that can go wrong leading to the loss of data, and it’s not just a security breach. Sometimes, software or equipment will fail, or a disgruntled employee can remove or wipe data that he or she knows is critical to your business. Having a backup in place is your best insurance.

Making Sure Your Data is Compliant

For healthcare professionals or other organizations that collect personal information, there are standards you must meet in order to prevent a loss. It is up to the individual business to ensure that they are aware of their compliance requirements.

Europe has led the way with GPDR (general data protection regulation) and it’s expected that others will follow suit. Your future clients may even refuse to do business with you, if you do not have proper security measures in place.

Data protection and the rule of 3

Don’t wait until a critical data loss affects your business before you take steps. Contact Celeris Networks. Our managed IT service offering includes corporate data backup and recovery measures, or you can consult with us to determine how to best meet your needs.